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Creating Your Book

Creating your book. This is the really fun bit.

Whether or not you’ve got a publisher lined up, you’ll want your book to be as good as it can be (and that’s going to improve your chances of getting a publisher anyway). You’ll want it feel fresh, be original and authentic. When I think about the process of making a book, I often imagine what it would be like to be a carpenter. I imagine taking out all the pieces of wood, carefully preparing them, envisaging the final product (a table, say), making a map of how it all fits together, and then beginning the slow and deliberate process of making the table. It is like that with a book too. All the pieces – words, illustrations, photographs, captions, headings, page numbers – we put together into a map (we call this a flat plan) and then we perfect the different elements until they all fit together beautifully.

If all that sounds a little abstract, then below are the more concrete steps in the process, and the things I can help you with so that your book comes together beautifully.

Structural Editing.

There are different kinds of editing as you might know if you’ve got this far. I’m not especially interested in the type of editing that dots i’s and crosses t’s (we call that copy editing). I like the kind of editing that addresses the bigger question of how should this story be told, what kind of content or devices can be used to engage readers, how we can make this book unique. Ultimately, how can we make a book that people want to own and enjoy. This is known as structural editing, and I think it’s the most important input you will get in the development of your book. It’s the bit of the process that makes the real difference in whether or not the book will be successful.


If you need it, I can help you re-write parts of your text where you might be struggling. (Re-writing).

I can also write the extra bits and pieces, such as chapter names, headings or captions, that you might not want to be bothered with, or you might have lost a little bit of inspiration for. Sometimes those “top line” pieces of writing can be the most difficult when you are fully immersed in a project. (Copywriting).

Perhaps you have a story that you want to tell, but you need help finding the words. I can help you to tell your story. (Ghost writing).

Image Research & Illustration.

Unless it’s a novel, every other kind of story comes to life through a blend of words and images, and a successful book combines theses elements effortlessly.

You might already have an archive of vintage photos or prints, and simply need advice on their suitability for reproduction in a book, or how to get them to the required quality standard.

Or perhaps you are starting from scratch, and need to know how to go about sourcing images – whether royalty-free “stock” images or photographs selected from specialist image libraries, or special commissions from professional photographers. I can advise you on all of the different options available to you, and, if you like, I can do image research for you.

Maybe you would like to work with an illustrator to bring your story or characters to life, or simply to add another visual element, in which case I can help you to source the right person to work with.

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Roz Hopkins