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Helping you create your book and get published

Get Published

It’s notoriously difficult to get noticed by the big commercial publishing houses, let alone actually get offered a publishing contract. And, to be honest, I reckon it’s getting even harder these days with all of the change that’s happening in the industry. But publishers still need good books in order to make money, so there’s every reason to try.  I can share my knowledge and experience to give you the information you need to put your best foot forward.

Creating a Winning Pitch.

Want to pitch your book to a publisher? it’s not that difficult when you know how, but it is critical to get this right if you have any chance of succeeding with a publishing house. I can give you the best possible chance of getting published by submitting a great pitch. I’ve written and read (and rejected) a huge number of book publishing proposals over the last twenty years. I can’t tell you how many times I have felt disappointed at seeing a great idea so poorly presented that I can’t possibly proceed with confidence. And yet putting together a compelling proposal is remarkably easy if you know what a publisher is looking for. I can’t promise you will be successful, but I can promise that the pitch we will develop for your book will stand out from the crowd and tick every box on the publishers wish list.

Tips from Inside the Industry.

Wherever you are in the process, you probably have questions about how things work at commercial publishing companies.

Red Tape

I can answer your questions about legal things like text and image copyright and permissions, publishing contracts, rights and royalties.

Book Production

We can talk about book production matters, such as book formats, choosing typefaces, design elements and paper stocks, choosing an editor and what kind of editorial input you need. And many other things besides.

Sales, Marketing, Publicity

I can advise you on what you can expect in terms of sales, distribution, marketing, publicity – the nuts and bolts of how publishing works.

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Roz Hopkins