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Some lovely things people have said about me:

“Roz is one of the most creative publishers I have worked with in my 15-year career in trade and travel publishing. That this creativity gets properly channelled into well-executed and commercially successful product is testament to strong, balancing attributes of analysis, organisation and instinctive marketing intelligence. Roz is passionate, tenacious, funny and knock-down clever.”

Simon Westcott, Managing Director, Mr & Mrs Smith

“Roz Hopkins? Astute, knowledgeable, funny and completely honest in the best possible way:  all essential ingredients for me as a first time writer making the journey into self-publishing.

I teamed up with a fine artist to produce a book for the family tourist market in East End London. The process was truly international:  a German artist working with an Australian writer based in London who consulted with Roz, an English publisher living in Australia!

Roz provided invaluable assistance regarding our work.  She provided critique during the development process, advised us on self-publishing and markets and all things legal and copyright related. The end result hit local bookshops and remains a best seller!

The process? It was hard graft. The project was squeezed in around jobs and families and the learning curve felt more like 90 degree angle but it was a personal achievement to create a book which more than covered costs and even scored a successful book review.

I remain eternally grateful for Roz’s help. She knows her stuff and you couldn’t find anyone else more articulate, realistic and generous in helping new writers like me.”

Julia Griffin, Author

“Roz has such a strong creative drive it was hugely motivating to be around. Her phenomenal global success with the Travel Book highlighted her ability to tap into the zeitgeist of a time and importantly drive significant revenue for the business. She created a strong sense of passion in her team and demanded excellence, which was reflected in the output of the department. Roz is of the highest quality media professional who is an endless source of powerful ideas that she can execute in a unique way. Never more has the ability to create and think in a fresh way been so important, which makes Roz such a valuable person within the media industry.”

Chris Rennie, Publishing Director, Murdoch Books

“Roz is known for her creative talents, and it’s not hard to see why; but for me, her skill in articulating an idea, and her ability to generate enthusiasm for projects amongst her colleagues is one that I have always valued and envied.”

Ben Handicott, Trade & Reference Publisher, Lonely Planet

“Roz is an outstanding publisher. On a professional level, Roz is creative and enthusiastic about taking risks and exploring new avenues, and yet her projects are always grounded in pragmatism. On a personal level, Roz’s sense of humour and willing listening ears make her a pleasure to work with.”

Eve Jackson, Publicist, HarperCollins Australia

“I worked with Roz in various roles over a number of years at Lonely Planet. Roz was tremendously inspirational in her approach to publishing. She had an uncanny ability to see potential when no one else could and to bring her ideas to fruition no matter what the obstacles. She is intellectually razor-sharp, profoundly articulate, always employing a sky-high work ethic to accomplish remarkable results, but importantly she is also infectiously warm and humorous. I value her leadership and friendship greatly.”

Karin Vidstrup Monk, Publishing Team Leader,  Thomson Reuters


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Roz Hopkins