roz hopkins

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I’m an experienced publisher, writer and editor, now based in beautiful Byron Bay in northern NSW.

I’ve worked in publishing for twenty years – here in Australia, in London and the US.

I’ve worked on many different types of books, from “big brand” cookbooks, biographies and travel books to smaller scale illustrated history books and memoirs.

I’ve worked for six publishing companies – really big ones, kinda small ones and a medium sized one in London.

During this time, I’ve published hundreds of books, edited scores and done a fair bit of writing myself.

To find out a bit more about me and the places I’ve worked, and see some of the books I’ve published, click on the “About Roz” section of this website.

My unique skill, and what I love, is taking an idea or pieces of content (words, images, illustrations, quotes, things scribbled on the back of receipts, stuff like that) and shaping them into a story, or a group of stories, that told together illuminate the original idea and bring it into life on the pages of a book. It’s the secret bit of making books that takes them from ideas and words and pictures into books we love. There’s a bit of magic in there and if you get it right the pages will be ablaze with it. This generally means a successful book commercially too!

I don’t like the predictable approach, which means that I think laterally. The result of this is generally something unique.

I like illustrated books best, or anything that is a little sweet or quirky or different.

Subject-wise, I like travel, food, arty things, crafty things, old things, and beautiful things.

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Roz Hopkins